Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lineup: November 2013

November was a great month for live music! Here are the shows I caught.

Iron & Wine: Ah, Sam Beam, you slay me. He came on with three back up vocalists, a three piece brass band, and a string trio in addition to some others (like twelve people total)! They opened with The Desert Babbler and it was just the most perfect thing. That video is a perfect rendition of what it was like, stage presence and all. I remember falling in love with this band in the early years of high school and we're still going strong. This show was so, so good. I wanted to get a print of the tour poster, but they were sold out! I may or may not have found the artist's website and ordered a print directly from there while writing this blog post..

Busdriver and Kool A.D.: This show was rad. I decided to go to this show because I love Busdriver. But the last time I saw him was either at a free show at the Getty or Amoeba in LA many years ago. He is SO fast with his lines (not to mention he is hella fine). I may or may not have gone up to him after the show and tried to profess my love to him ("I love you" ".. Thank you!" "No, I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU"). I wish I was joking.

Toro y Moi and Classixx: So cute. I like it when I go to a show and I'm equally excited to see the opener and the headliner. I met so many fun people in the crowd at this show. I invited them to the show at the New Parish after, but never saw them. Bummer! At least we all had fun dancing.

Trails and Ways: I met up with Dennis, Fletch, and Cel after Toro y Moi for this show. I came too late to see the openers, but I really came to see Trails and Ways. I had actually just heard them for the first time that day and fell in love!  The show was fantastic-- their energy was great and they performed really well. I even met my goal of getting this one guy in the crowd to eventually dance a little.

Wild Child: Amanda and I decided to go to this show the day before they played. I had never been to the Brick and Mortar, but I really liked it. The smaller venues are great places to catch a more intimate show. I hadn't heard of this band before I knew I was going to this show, but they were catchy and I liked what I heard. At the end of the show, they played Pillow Talk in the middle of the crowd. It was super cute.

MJ's Brass Boppers: One Friday I was about to take the bus home, but then I heard the most magical brass! I had to follow it. I found a NOLA style brass band and people dancing in Latham Square. It was so much fun! Check out this short video clip (it's a bit loud (because why would it be quiet?)) from that evening.

CHVRCHES: This band is painfully attractive. The lead singer was a bit sick and had a bit of an odd stage presence, but they are all rather endearing. They performed extremely well. It was a sold out show, so The Fox was packed and everyone was dancing. All of their songs are so catchy!

I wonder if I'm missing any. Maybe this had something to do with why I didn't read as much last month. Hmm. I missed Andrew Jackson Jihad when they came through, and I'm bummed about it.


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