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Hello! I'm Jeanine. I'm a mixed Chinese/Japanese thirty-year-old living in Oakland, CA. When I'm not at my day job, I like making and eating delicious things, and (the idea of) working on fun projects. I catfriend named Kai.

I am into book arts-- bookbinding, journaling, written correspondence, stationery and various writing utensils (fountain pens, calligraphy, etc), and basically any sort of paper craft. Haven't made much time for them lately though. I love plants-- gardening and flowers especially. 

This is a personal blog filled with things that I'm fond of or want to keep a record of in some way. Some things I regularly post, which you can navigate through using the menu above, are:

* Shelter in Place Log- my personal documentation on life during the time of COVID-19
* Week in Scraps- sometimes I collect little scraps from my week and they tell a story or give a brief recap.
* little lines- more for myself than for anyone else.

You can get in contact with me by emailing me directly at theheartarchives@gmail.com.

Quick click to most viewed posts:
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