Monday, January 13, 2014

Homebody, happy heart

This was the first weekend in a long time that I stayed in for the most part. It was amazing and long overdue.

This wall was empty before! Now my Postal Service poster is hanging, and I put this cork board up there with a coat hanger, too. This board, like so many things in my apartment, had been sitting up against the wall of my apartment waiting to be hung somewhere. I decided to put a bunch of my instax photos on it. In the middle is an E.E. Cummings poem and the first letters I ever received from two of my pen pals. When I look at this board, I feel SO much love. I like that it kind of works in tandem with the poster.

I went to Berkeley Bowl and took advantage of the amazing bulk section! Few things make me happier than having fresh fruit in my kitchen, so I'm thrilled that berries are starting to come back into season. Loaded up on all the fruits! You better believe I soaked up the bounty that is Berkeley Bowl.  

I made this delicious granola! Mm, so good.

I should probably also mention this food blog that my friend, Matt, recently showed me. is run by Sarah Britton and the blog itself is beautiful, in addition to having tons of healthy and delicious recipes. I made THREE recipes from it this weekend and they all turned out great. 

The Life Changing Loaf of Bread- Seriously so nutty and amazing. It's been great with everything I've put on it so far. The hardest part was waiting for it to cool all the way before cutting into it. I can't recommend this enough. Go make some ASAP!
Gourmet Granola with Walnuts & Figs- In addition to oats, it also has almonds, walnuts, coconut flakes, and dried figs (+ honey and coconut oil). I've never made granola before and for my first real attempt, this came out perfectly! Now I don't know why I would ever buy it again. Seriously, so good. 
The Winter Abundance Bowl- This was a good combination of yummy stuff all in one bowl. I don't even care for cabbage, but it was nice to have in this bowl. The sauce was nice, but we also ate this with a bunch of kimchi thrown on top. 

I may or may not have been wearing my Stay Home Club t-shirt all weekend as well.. so it goes.

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