Monday, May 12, 2014

Monthly Reads: April 2014

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
This has to be the book that has been read (and loved) by the most of my friends on Goodreads. I've heard about this book for years, and then they recently came out with the movie, which I of course refused to watch before reading the book. Someone had lent me the book a while ago so it's been sitting on my shelf for a while.. what finally got me to read it? My friend said it was one of his favorite books and that's read it something like 7-8 times! All of that combined was enough for me to finally get into this book, and once I started, I was done in a day and a half. I can see why people love it so much--Ender is the ultimate hero! He stands for everything good. He comes from humble beginnings, knows how to play the games (not just the war games, but also the game of how to navigate the ranks/politics of battle school), and is genuinely compassionate. It's a bit absurd that this is a book about children, as every character seems as competent (if not more competent) as the adults. I think it's interesting that in this book, the buggers initially fought humans because they did not think that they were sentient beings, and I wonder if this might be a statement about war/how we choose to occupy spaces.

salt. by Nayyirah Waheed
I sat down with this book, and we consumed each other. My copy has countless bookmarks in it, because I desperately wanted to remember everything. Somehow I just felt an overwhelming sense of self-acceptance after reading this, the kind that settles into your bones. It's as if her words continue to rub me raw, but I keep reading in the hopes that I might develop a callous. It goes where I go.

I just felt significant in my existence.

“it is being honest
my pain
makes me invincible.”

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