Monday, June 23, 2014


Weekend update: the SuperAwesome exhibit at the OMCA is actually superawesome. You should go see it if you haven't already because it's only here until July 27th! Also, migraines are the worst and I spent too many hours drawing, looking at, and thinking about lines.

A few little snapshots:

Little Free Library I came across in Berkeley! So cuters. I want to start one of these around where I live but don't know a good location. I already know what my landlord would say (No).

Fancy salt at the OMCA cafe! & pretty flowers.

& because I know you were wishing for another picture of my cat (since I post so very few of them and you were, I'm sure, wondering what he's been up to)..

"HAI. whatcha doin'? why are you staring at all those lines? why don't you play with me instead? did you need this bristol pad? ooh, a bag. i'm gonna lay in it. don't mind me. i'm just hanging out. i'm just here. if you need me. hi."

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