Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pretty Rocks

Last month we spent a week camping in Zion National Park. I had been on a disastrous trip to Bryce and Zion Canyon in middle school, and I think all I remember from that trip are things like sleeping on the floor of a freezing ballroom floor in a casino because our bus broke down, or going to the emergency room during a lightning storm-- not how stunningly gorgeous this place actually is. So, here are mostly a buncha pics of rocks:

I was totally entranced by rock formations. Makes me want to do magical things with watercolors!

We did the Hidden Canyon hike on the first day. D loved it so much that we came back on our last day to do it again.

At the top of Observation Point

Had to get a pano shot while we were up there, of course

:P :P :P

We stayed up there until it started to get dark and then ran down the trail

At the top of Angel's Landing. This was my favorite hike because it's like a regular 2 mile and then the last half mile gets kinda crazy and you need to use these chains to help you along the rest of the way up. Something like 6 people have died on this hike! 



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