Monday, March 30, 2020

Shelter in Place Log: Week 2

Day 8 - Monday, 3/23/20: Italy reports nearly 4,000 new cases overnight and the total caseload approaches 60,000. 651 new deaths in Italy, bringing total death toll to 5476. Social distancing is starting to work there. Ohio and Louisiana is the latest to implement stay at home. 3M says 500,000 masks are headed to Seattle and NY. Senator Ramp Paul tested positive. 60 deaths in NY so far. Death toll in NY is 114, with 15,000 total cases. NY cases 5% of COVID cases worldwide.
  • Breakfast- oatmeal with blueberries, cherries, almond butter
  • Lunch- Japanese curry with rice
  • Dinner- ramen topped with curry
  • Dessert- chocolate, ice cream, vanilla greek yogurt + cashews
Today is my sister's birthday. She and my niece are visiting from Hong Kong. It's unclear when they can go home to Hong Kong. When they do return, they'll need to be quarantined in a separate location from her husband for two weeks.

Day 9 - Tuesday, 3/24/20: More than 100 people in the US have died from COVID-19 in a single 24-hour period for the first time. NY sees majority of cases under the age of 50 (46% are 18-44). More than 43,000 cases have been reported in the US, though experts say true number is much higher. NY saw a one day increase of nearly 5,000 cases (bringing total to 21,689 cases in the state). In Spain, soldiers found residents of nursing homes abandoned in several locations-- emergency military units found some residents absolutely abandoned if not dead in their bed. Britain is going into a virtual lockdown. Olympics were postponed until at least 2021. California is short of hospital beds by ~17,000.
  • Breakfast- oatmeal with dates, vanilla, blueberries, almond butter
  • Lunch- Japanese curry, rice + fried egg
  • Snack- salami, vanilla greek yogurt w/cashews
  • Dinner- lamb & bacon burgers with fries
  • Call with Merin
  • FaceTime with Mom and Kristen
Now that I'm working from home, it's nice to see what Kai does during the day. Turns out he pretty much sleeps in the same spot all day long and only activates leading up to meal times. 

Day 10 - Wednesday, 3/25/20: Prince Charles has tested positive. India has initiated largest lockdown in human history, nearly 1/5 of world's population (1.3 billion people). People had less than 4 hours notice. "If you can't handle these 21 days, this country and your family will go back 21 years"- prime minister, Narendra Modi. 400,000 cases in the world. Spain has passed 47,000. Italy is approaching 7,000 deaths. France is 5th country to pass 1000 fatalities. In Britain when the national health service called for volunteers to support medical workers on front line, 170,000 people volunteered overnight. The US emergency ventilator stock pile is danerously low. There are only 16,600 in the US national emergency stockpile, and we could have as many as 742k people that need them. 
  • Breakfast- leftover soup (mostly potatoes) topped with a fried egg
  • Lunch- Japanese curry over rice with a fried egg 
  • Snack- orange
  • Snack- yogurt + cashews
  • FaceTime with Jess
  • FaceTime with Kunal
  • Dinner- toasted ciabatta with sliced cheddar + salami
  • Workout- Yoga with Adriene | Home, Day 3
  • Dessert- part of a snickers bar
3rd panel is Kai playing; 4th panel is Jess' cat Obi <3
When I was making lunch, I flipped an egg in a pan without a spatula for the first time ever and it's the most exciting thing that's happened all week.

Day 11- Thursday, 3/26/20: Louisiana is becoming a new global hotspot for the disease- fastest growth of new cases in the world, similar to those in Spain and Italy. The worldwide total is approaching half a million. Spain continues to surge with 600+ deaths yesterday, but the rate of fatalities has slowed. The US confirmed over 13,000 cases yesterday. We are at ~70k cases here and should hit 6 figures by/over the weekend. Yesterday was the first day the US reported over 200 deaths, and more than 900people in the US have died in total. That number might pass 1000 as soon as today. Dyson is developing a new ventilator in record time. It turns out that a large soccer game in late February (2/19 Champions League match in Bergamot) may have been the catalyst for Italy's large numbers.
  • Grocery run at Farmer Joe's ($71.32)- still couldn’t find rice
  • Breakfast- thick slice of toasted challah with butter and jam, coffee
  • Lunch- tomato curry lentils topped with fried egg & chili crisp
  • Second lunch- oatmeal cooked with half of a mashed banana, date, vanilla + topped with flax seeds, other half of banana + strawberries 
  • Workout- 2.25 mile run (rolled my ankle, ugh)
  • Dinner- pan fried chicken thighs, baked beans, artichoke with lemon dill yogurt dip

There's an orange tree downstairs, and I'm pretty sure that no one in this complex ever eats the oranges. I've tried them in past years and they were really sour. But this year they are so sweet, like actually very good. When I bring them back up and wash them, I let them dry on the window sill and they are just everywhere. Also realized that eating lunch outside on the deck is pretty nice. Oatmeal isn't something I've eaten very regularly until now, but now I find it to be a filling comfort food that's easy to dress up. I love cooking it with mashed banana and dates-- it kind of caramelizes it. I left a thick slice of challah out overnight so that I can make french toast for breakfast tomorrow.

Day 12- Friday, 3/27/20: Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, has tested positive. US is #1 with 85,000 cases-- we have more cases than Italy or China (which has over 3x the population). NY saw the number of hospitalized cases increase by 40% in a single day yesterday. 385 people have died in NY so far. On Tuesday night, NY had the highest number of 911 alls ever recorded (over 6000). Los Angeles and Louisiana are on the same track as NY. In Spain, 10% cases are healthcare workers. In Italy the number of casualties/day since 3/11 has been 463 people (during WWII it was 338/day). Australia is enacting its military to enforce isolation orders. Singapore has criminalized the act of intentionally standing or sitting close to someone punishable by 6 months in jail or $7k fine. Minnesota's youngest COVID patient is a 5 month old. There is a shortage of eggs-- sales up 44%, prices up 180%. NYU is offering field promotions-- allowing students from any field of medicine to graduate early and start working in April. Other medical schools in the nation are considering following in their footsteps. USPS is the only gov agency is that is capable of knocking on every door in the US in a given day-- they may be a major part of our disaster plan, delivering tests or medicine to people at home.
  • Breakfast- French toast with caramelized bananas with orange juice, sausage, orange slices + coffee
  • Lunch- Japanese curry over rice with egg
  • Dylan and I started Tiger King
  • Dinner- turkey loaf, refried beans, roasted okra
  • Dessert- marionberry milkshake, half of a Milky Way bar

A CSA box was delivered today, and in it was some Cara Cara oranges that are some of the best oranges we've ever had. They looked like grapefruit when I first cut into them. Sliced up one from our tree to compare, too. It was so perfect slicing into them and they were really a treat. My french toast this morning was pretty amazing, too.

Day 13- Saturday, 3/28/20: Taking a break from the news over the weekend.

  • Breakfast- avocado on toasted slice of challah + coffee
  • Therapy
  • Workout- 4.25 mile run (snapped these pics)
  • Lunch (at 6pm??)- leftover turkey loaf, refried beans, carrots + dill yogurt dip
  • Dinner- Kraft Mac and cheese
  • Dessert- green grapes

Day 14- Sunday, 3/29/20:
  • Breakfast- corned beef hash with eggs
  • Workout- Yoga with Adriene | Home, Day 4
  • Lunch- turkey loaf, refried beans, mango
  • Dinner- lamb taco bowl (beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, cilantro)

It's starting to set in that this isn't a thing that's only going to last a few weeks. This is going to be the new normal for a little while, and realizing that has me a little bummed out. Holding onto being grateful that I get to stay home. 

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