Thursday, April 16, 2020

Shelter in Place Log: Week 4

Day 22- Monday, 4/6/20: The US death toll will pass 10,000 today. The news in other countries is a bit more optimistic-- it seems like other countries have been able to start flattening the curve. The pace of fatalities may be slowing in Italy; the cumulative death toll there is now15,887. Spain announced only a 3% increase. California's backlog of tests has been reduced from 60,000 to 13,000 but the testing is still not adequate. California has 12,026 positive cases as of Saturday (a 12.4% increase in 24 hours). Coronavirus appears to be more deadly for men than women.

  • Breakfast- oatmeal with all the normal fixings +  coffee
  • Lunch- spinach mushroom scramble with cheddar
  • Snack- toast w/ butter & jam
  • Dinner- chicken sandwich on potato bun with grilled onions
  • Visit from friends to exchange books (from a safe distance, of course). Disinfecting books feels weird.

  • Day 23- Tuesday, 4/7/20: Second day of good news numbers in a row-- most widely used model forecasting in the US has revised downward numbers regarding expected need for ventilators. Peak is expected to come in late June/early July. China announced no new deaths, and only 32 new infections that are all imported. NY reported deaths is under 600 for the second day in a row.  

    • Breakfast- spinach mushroom scramble
    • Snack- toast with butter and jam
    • Lunch- grilled cheese and tomato soup
    • Dinner- lamb/beef burgers with bacon & grilled onions

    Day 24- Wednesday, 4/8/20: Yesterday in the US, 30,000 additional people were confirmed infected and more than 1800 people died (the highest death toll so far). 731 people died in NY yesterday. in NYC the total number of deaths surpassed 4,000, claiming more lives than the terrorist attacks of 9/11. China has reported small uptick of new cases, almost all imported. Ecuador is building more cemeteries. Boris Johnson remains in intensive care. Families with relatives in nursing homes are advised to consider bringing them home.

    Day 25- Thursday, 4/9/20: More signs that numbers are peaking and hot spots are arising. The US now has more cases than Italy, Spain and Germany combined. Death tolls in US will pass 15,000 today. NY state alone has more people testing positive than the entire countries of Spain or Italy. Global cases are nearing 1.5 million. New hotspot in the US is the Navajo nation-- has killed more people in the reservation than in the whole of New Mexico. Spain is approaching a decline in deaths & downward trend in number of confirmed cases. Fast food workers are striking today to organize for better PPE and paid sick leave.

    • Breakfast- toast with butter and jam + coffee
    • Lunch- tri tip sandwich
    • Yoga with Adriene | Home, Day 11
    • Second lunch- instant noodles topped with fried egg
    • Skipped dinner

    Day 26- Friday, 4/10/20: Confirmed infections globally have passed 1.5 million people. We will pass 100,000 fatality mark today or this weekend. Cases confirmed in 177 countries. Government of Tokyo has asked businesses to close. For the first time in history, all the pubs in Great Britain are closed. NY state reported 799 more deaths yesterday, another daily record. Both Italy and Spain seem to have flattened their curves, but they are still reporting thousands of new infections each day. Some concerns in South Korea that the virus has been reactivated in 51 patients that were released from quarantine.

    • Yoga with Adriene | Home, Day 12
    • Breakfast- migas & coffee
    • Lunch- almond butter & raspberry jam sandwich, a cup of milk, sour cream & onion lays
    • Snack- .. more sour cream & onion lays
    • Snack- tri tip, egg, salsa
    • Dinner- beef lamb tikka masala w/ okra and cauliflower rice
    • Desert- ice cream (milk chocolate cookie)

    Day 27- Saturday, 4/11/20: News break over the weekend.

    • Breakfast- scramble with onion pepper bacon broccoli
    • Therapy
    • Lunch- bbq chicken sandwich
    • Snack- short bread cookies
    • Dinner- chicken black beans enchiladas

    Day 28- Sunday, 4/12/20: Did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. My aunt and uncle dropped of a homemade Easter dinner for me today. My mom sent cloth face masks that I found in the mailbox today.

    • Skipped breakfast
    • 2 mile walk/run
    • Lunch- chilaquiles
    • Dinner- salad, potato salad, ham, sweet potato, cookies
    • Happy hour hangout w friends
    • Dessert- ice cream, shortbread, chips


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