Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Library Project: The Main Library

The Main Library is, well, the main library I go to. It's conveniently located right between the lake and my place of employment, and across from my massage place. It also happens to be right around the corner from Fresh & Best Cafe, which has so many awesome juices and the best shrimp spring rolls, mmm.

The Main Library is pretty spacious! It had actually been a while since I had been in a library and although I remembered how the Dewey Decimal System worked for the most part, the staff here has always been SO friendly and helpful whenever I have any questions. They don't even give me weird looks when I'm looking for a book that happens to be in the Children's Room downstairs. Oh by the way, did you know that there is a Children's Room downstairs? Just follow the playful paintings down the stairs on your right once you enter.

I know card catalogs are a bit antiquated, but I've gathered that Main still has them for some of their stuff, sheet music I think (in addition to being electronically catalogued like everything else), and I find that really aesthetically endearing. Also, this isn't a library sponsored event, but apparently Dating in Library happens here. Seems like a rad idea-- I mean, wouldn't you want to meet someone at the library?

Upstairs on the second floor, there are Magazines & Newspapers, the Teen Room, and the Oakland History Room! The Magazine & Newspaper Room was neat-- there were old bound issues of Vogue and the Times and old phone books and whatnot. I felt too old to be in the Teen Room so I didn't go in (why I feel like I can go into the Children's Room downstairs, but not the Teen Room, I don't know).

The History Room was awesome. As soon as I stepped inside, it smelled totally different from the rest of the library. The air got thicker and warmer, and smelled like old paper. Actually, as soon as you enter the second floor, the hallways are covered in frames of pictures and historical documents. There was a really cool picture of 14th & Broadway from way earlier in the 1900's which just blew my mind because you can see where Telegraph and Broadway intersect-- the building where the old Tully's Coffee used to be, and where my current work is now (right next to the building that is currently a Rite Aid). I tried taking pictures of it, but there was just too much glare.

I wish I could come here more. I didn't spend nearly enough time up here and I need to come back. I picked up one book off the shelf and it was a book of poetry that someone wrote about the area. The library closes at 5:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays-- so I either have to come super prepared and get in and out after leaving work right at 5, or I have to wait for a day when they're open later if I want to actually spend any time in the library on a day that I am already in the area. Or on a day like today, I sneak out on my lunch break. 

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