Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Blue Door

En route to work from grabbing some coffee, a man emerged from The Blue Door.
I did a double take, questioning whether I should talk to him (I had never seen anyone come in or out of The Blue Door).
He saw my hesitation and inquired as to what I wanted to ask him.
I asked him what was behind The Blue Door. Was it just office space?

"A real estate company"

He walked with me as we talked
"Just one company?"
"Two companies."
"I see." 
He asked me about my work and I briefly told him that I worked around the corner.

"My.. officemate.. and I have always wondered what was behind The Blue Door."
"Just knock and come on in."
"We were convinced that one day we'd work behind The Blue Door."


"I'm not disappointed."
"I can tell."

We reached the corner of 15th and Broadway. 

"Some people think it's a club or a lounge."
"You should think about converting it at night," I said in jest.
"Well, take it easy."
"You too."
He turned around and walked back the way he came.


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